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About BoatCarpet.com

Our History

Boatcarpet.com is a division of a 65 plus year old, third generation family company in the replacement boat carpet and automotive textile industry. We expanded our boat carpet expertise and product knowledge to the internet for DIY installers and boat lovers across the country.  We have deep knowledge of the best marine carpet manufacturers and experience in how to get the job done.  Some of our customers have been with us for three generations too!

We pride ourselves on our boat carpet industry experience and our relationships with the best American manufacturers.  We carefully screen our suppliers for quality, durability and a commitment to excellence in their marine carpet products.  We know that the time we spend in research and marine carpet selection results in satisfied customers with beautiful replacement marine carpet projects.

Our philosophy and our boat carpet products

We strive to help you make your boat beautiful so you can enjoy your time on the water.  That means we focus on the best boat carpet products, fastest service, and individual attention.  Our boat carpet, boat carpet glues, and marine vinyl flooring have been carefully selected for quality, beauty and durability.

At BoatCarpet.com we maintain our own boat carpet and boat carpet adhesive warehouse.  Every step of the process, from boat carpet samples to customer service to shipping our glue and marine carpet is handled by our own staff.  This helps us respond quickly to your needs and with any special orders or unique projects.  We monitor our marine grade carpet inventory daily to provide the fastest order processing we can. We maintain our own boat carpet and boat carpet adhesive stock so we can choose our suppliers based on quality, not based on their shipping programs!

Our marine vinyl flooring is made by Marideck, the industry leader in quality and beauty.  These specialty vinyl boat floor products are serviced by BoatCarpet.com and shipped quickly right from Marideck to save you money and shipping time due to the heaviness of replacement marine vinyl floors.

We keep in regular contact with our suppliers to make sure that we have the updated technical knowledge we need, and that they are aware of feedback from our boat carpet customers. These close relationships, and our years in the industry, help us make sure your marine carpet needs are met quickly and knowledgeably. And all of our boat carpet and marine carpet adhesive products are made in America, by American firms. We know it’s important to our customers; it is important to us too.

Our Customers

With our years of experience we have seen it all!  Many of our boat carpeting customer projects are standard bass boat carpet or pontoon boat carpet installations, but not all.  We have helped people with quality DIY marine carpet projects like: exhibition bass boat carpet, Chicago front porch carpet, dock carpeting on the Carolina coast, swim platform carpet, deck carpeting, horse trailer carpet, travel trailer carpet, even carpeting for bird cages for a zoo.  We love the variety and originality in our customer replacement marine carpet projects.  If you have a unique use or challenge for boat carpet, let us know!

Contact Us

Please contact us at 888-283-0704 or BoatCarpet.com.service@gmail.com if you have any questions about how to select the right marine grade carpet and  boat carpet adhesives for your project.  We’d be glad to talk with you and welcome you into our family.

888-283-0704 | 6823 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48210