Custom Length Boat Carpet Replacement

Do you need a custom length boat carpet replacement to finish a project?  Perhaps you want a small amount of boat carpet to patch a spot.  Or maybe you need a small boat carpet for a swim platform carpet or porch step carpet.  We can cut custom length boat carpet in any length of our poplar 6 ft, 8 ft or 8.5 ft wide boat carpet.  We have sold customers as little as a 2 ft long boat carpet to finish up small bass boat carpet projects.

Special order boat carpet and special boat carpet service go together at

Sometimes our customers need bulk boat carpet for a special project.  We have had customers who needed custom length boat carpet in 100 feet long for  marina carpet and indoor/outdoor walkway carpet.  Over the years we have had many special order boat carpet requests for unusual projects like horse trailer carpet and taxidermy shops. 

We can help you personally with custom length boat carpet

We list the most popular sizes of boat carpet on our website, but we are glad to help when you need a custom length boat carpet replacement.  Any size from small boat carpet that is one foot long to bulk boat carpet that is hundreds of feet long – we can handle it.  Give us a call at 1-888-283-0704 or contact us at