Find Boat Carpet by Boat Type

Bass Boat Carpet and Aluminum Fishing Boat Carpet

Our Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet and our Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet are your best choice for American made quality bass boat carpet and fishing boat carpet. These marine grade boat carpets are quality plush cut pile. They do not have loops, so fewer fishing hooks get stuck in your bass boat carpet or fishing boat carpet. Both have sturdy latex backing designed for glueing down, and are make of quality synthetic marine carpeting materials that resist mold, mildew, oil, gas and fading for long lasting beauty.

Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet balances beautiful comfort and easy installation

Select our Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet when you want plush bass boat carpet and fishing boat carpet that feels good underfoot.  This boat carpet is easy to work with and comfortable for standing all day. Our bass boat carpet folds easily around bass boat lids and will also work with tight locker lids. On the rare occasion the lid is a little tight a light, quick trim with an electric razor will refine the fit. This fishing boat carpet is also a good choice when you have large outward facing curves, like installing boat carpet over gunwales. Our 20 ounce boat carpet is a versatile, workable, beautiful bass boat carpet.

Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet provides value pricing and easy installation

Choose Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet for aluminum fishing boat carpet and older bass boat carpets. It’s great for very tight lockers on older boats or when you want quality at a value price point or boat carpet for resale. This boat carpet is made with the same quality fibers and sturdy rubber boat carpet backing as our Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet.  The fibers are shorter and less dense for an economy boat carpet choice that is still good looking and long lasting.

Pontoon Boat Carpet and Houseboat Carpet

Pontoon boat carpet and houseboat carpet customers can choose any of our marine grade carpets. First, determine the width you need. For 6′ or 8′ wide pontoon boats, any of our marine carpet styles will fit. For wider houseboat carpeting and large pontoon boat carpeting, we have 8.5′ textured boat carpet. All of our pontoon carpet is American made of durable, marine grade rubber backings and soft, durable fibers.  This marine carpet is  designed for glue-down installation and long lasting beauty. They are mold, mildew, gas, oil and fade resistant for years of comfort and great looks on your pontoon boat carpet project.

Cut pile pontoon boat carpet is versatile

Plush cut pile pontoon carpet comes in 6′ and 8′ widths, and in Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet and Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet. Both are great for fishing and general use as there are no loops in the marine carpet. The standard 16 ounce boat carpet has slightly fewer fibers per square foot, and the carpet pile is lower. This is a good choice for value installations or resale. The Deluxe 20 ounce cut pile boat carpet is softer underfoot, and great for entertaining and days spent on your feet. Generally, it is a customer’s personal choice which of our cut pile carpets they prefer for their boat carpet DIY project.

Premium Textured pontoon boat carpet is upgraded and contemporary

Our Premium Textured Boat Carpet comes in 8.5′ widths and features a pattern of loops within mostly cut pile marine grade carpet. These replacement marine carpets are good for wider pontoon boat carpet and houseboat carpet.  Our textured boat carpet has a great textured upscale “Berber style” look.  This pontoon and houseboat carpet is American made of long lasting synthetic fibers and rubber backing. Textured marine carpet is plush underfoot and has contemporary boat carpet style for today’s upscale pontoon boat carpeting and houseboat carpeting.

Runabout Carpet, Cruiser Carpet, Ski Boat Carpet

Runabout owners can choose any of our marine grade carpets for glue down applications in their boat. All our boat carpets are American made with quality synthetic fibers and sturdy backings. They are mold, mildew, gas, oil and fade resistant and engineered to stand up to the harsh marine environment for years of beauty.

Cut pile boat carpet is great for runabout carpet and ski boat carpet

Our Standard 16 ounce and Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpets are versatile runabout carpet and ski boat carpets for projects that use glue-down marine carpet. Our Standard and Deluxe Cut Pile Boat Carpets come in 6′ and 8′ widths. Cut pile is a great boat carpet choice for fishermen as the hooks are less likely to get stuck in the carpet. There are many beautiful ski boat carpet colors to choose from to best match your interior. Our durable runabout boat carpets are American made of beautiful, fade, mold and mildew resistant fibers and have a sturdy rubber marine carpet backing. Our marine carpets shed water and feel and look beautiful for your long days on the water.

Choose our Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet for ski boat carpet when you need to wrap up and over an engine box.

Premium Textured Boat Carpet is beautiful ski boat carpet

Our Premium Textured Boat Carpet has an attractive Berber style design for modern ski boat carpets. It is a high quality marine carpet with a texture of loops and cut pile over durable rubber backing. This ski boat carpet is soft and low height.  Our premium textured marine carpet is a nice design statement when you want texture and modern style in your ski boat carpet.  Like all our boat carpet, it is engineered for beauty, fade resistance and long lasting mold resistant wear.

DIY Projects, Dock Carpet, Swim Platform Carpet, Patio Carpet, Fishing Shanty Carpet, Ice House Carpet

Our boat carpet is a good choices for other DIY carpet projects, too! We have customers who use boat carpet for a variety of things like – patio carpet, dock carpet, porch carpet, pool surround carpet, horse trailer carpet, a zoo even used it for the bottom of their bird cages!

Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet is soft and beautiful for DIY carpet projects.

Choose Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet when you want a soft carpet underfoot like on a covered or screened in porch carpet. Boat carpet makes a good choice for a beautiful 3 season room carpet because it resists mold, mildew, stains and fading.  The durable rubber backed carpet can be easily installed. Our customers love this boat carpet for deluxe ice house carpet. Premium Textured Boat Carpet would also be a nice choice for patio carpet, porch carpet and ice house carpet projects.

Standard 16 Ounce Boat Carpet is affordable for DIY outdoor carpet projects.

Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet is a great choice for swim platform carpet, dock carpet, front porch carpet and pool surround carpet. This boat carpet dries quickly and is priced for value where the marine carpet is subjected to harsh elements more often than is usual for boats.

Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet, Hoist Carpet, Personal Watercraft Trailer Carpet, Boat Lift Carpet

Our American made trailer bunk carpet has a synthetic rubber backing and is flexible and easy to install. Our trailer carpet is made of a durable felt like material that stands up to the friction of loading boats.  This sturdy, American made replacement trailer bunk carpet offers practical, attractive protection for your boat’s hull. New Black trailer carpet or gray trailer carpet will freshen up your trailer and keep your boat safe from scratches.

Trailer Bunk Carpet can be used for hoists too

Trailer bunk carpet is also suitable for boat lift carpet, boat hoist carpet and PWC trailer carpet. It is weather-proof, UV stabilized and resists fading, staining, mold and mildew. Trailer carpet is a dense and low profile marine grade bunk carpet to protect your boat and last for years.

Commercial Boat Carpet, Ferry Boat Carpet

Durable and inexpensive boat carpet for hard working boats

Commercial boats and ferry boats need tough marine grade carpet that lasts through sun, mildew, oil and gas and wear. And the boat carpet should be affordable, too. Our customers with ferry boat carpets often choose our Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet. With its lower profile, wide range of colors and mildew resistance, this replacement marine carpet offers a quick and tidy upgrade to working boats at a reasonable price.