Carpets for Bass Boats

Bass fishermen deserve high-quality, plush, supportive carpets for long days on the water. Our 20-ounce boat carpet is a great fit for almost every bass boat. Our 24-ounce marine carpet is a fantastic choice for modern, luxury bass boats. The 24-ounce boat carpet can also be fitted on older bass boats if you are willing to trim the edges of the carpet if you have tight locker lids.

Pontoon Boat Carpet

Our most common choices for pontoon boats are the 24-ounce cut pile or the 28-ounce textured carpet. Both have a luxurious feeling for your updated pontoon boat. Remember that textured carpet has loops, so if you are an avid fisherman, you would likely choose cut pile instead. 20-ounce boat carpet is our workhorse weight. It looks and feels great in almost any situation, and it is that Goldilock’s choice when you are not sure what to choose. If your pontoon is older, and you use it like a barge or are on a budget, then 16 ounce boat carpet would give you a clean, fresh look at a great price.

Carpet for Swim platforms, Docks, and Paddle Boats

We recommend 16-ounce boat carpet most often here when fast-drying is essential, and the marine carpet is out in the elements. This gives you a clean, tidy look for less money. 20-ounce boat carpets can be used for some projects where comfort is the focus. However, you should remember that it will retain a bit more water. When an item is left out over the summer, and sometimes all winter, this can be a shorter lifespan than if you cover it. Even a tarp over a stored platform or dock sections in the off-season will help to lengthen the lifespan of your project. 16-ounce boat carpet will dry faster and cost less for this more extreme environment.

Aluminum Fishing Boat Carpet

Boat carpets for aluminum fishing boats can be either 16-ounce or 20-ounce marine carpets. This comes down to personal choice.  A fisherman may choose our great value 16-ounce boat carpet for its excellent price and fast drying features.  Or you may prefer plusher 20-ounce boat carpet for the support underfoot.  Either of these marine carpets is an excellent pick to update your boat and feel good on the water for great fishing days.

Carpets for Ski Boats

Ski boat owners have a range of carpet choices. A 20-ounce or 24-ounce cut pile is a great fit, offering a nice feel underfoot and a wide range of colors. A textured 28-ounce carpet would work, too, as it feels nice and you are likely not fishing. Your final choice will depend on the luxury level of your boat and your personal preference for thickness. The lighter weights dry faster while being comfortable, and the thicker carpets feel luxurious underfoot.

Carpets for Cuddy Cabins and Cruisers

Cabin interiors benefit from the plush feel of luxury carpet underfoot. A 24-ounce boat carpet or 28-ounce textured boat carpet is appropriate for the upscale feeling of a nice boat. These carpets feel soft underfoot and look beautiful when relaxing in your cabin. If a person is on a budget and redoing an older boat, you could choose 20 20-ounce cut pile if needed and have a clean, updated look.

Boat Carpet for Runabouts

Runabouts are the perfect canvas for your versatile choices. They benefit from the adaptability of our 20-ounce cut pile boat carpet, allowing you to fish, water ski, or simply relax, knowing that your boat looks updated and clean with carpet from! 20 ounces is the most popular choice for runabouts, striking the perfect balance between thickness and comfort. A 16-ounce boat carpet may be suitable for entry-level runabouts, for budget concerns, or if a color match is not available in the 20-ounce weight. And if you’re ready to take it up a notch, 24-ounce boat carpet is there to upgrade your boat’s comfort level.