We understand that selecting a 🎨 color for your new boat carpet project can be daunting. Various opinions and the desire for your marine carpet to look perfect can make it overwhelming. However, at Boatcarpet.com, we have been assisting customers in choosing the right 🚤 boat carpet for years, honing our expertise in color selection. We are here to share our knowledge and help you create a boat you will love.

Pay attention to color families.
This is especially true when choosing between grey-based colors and beige/sand-based colors. Generally speaking, you would want to stay within the same family. A tan marine carpet does not go well with grey seats, or vice versa. Look at whether your overall scheme leans toward warm or cool, beige or grey, and consider something that blends.

Look for color details as a clue.
Do you have a ✨ metallic blue stripe on the outside of your boat? Or a blue stripe on grey seats? This means that blue carpet might be a very nice choice if you want a high-contrast look. Your boat carpet would then become a highlight of your boat design. If you like the bold look of differences between the marine carpet and the seats, or you want to pull the pinstripe color into your interior, this might be the style for you!

Think about light and dark colors.
Very dark colors, like charcoal, have an intense look, but they may be very 🥵 hot if you live in the South and fish in the sun. Light colors must be washed or vacuumed often if you are in a muddy area and take the 🐾 dogs boating. Thinking about how and where you use your boat is essential.

Decide between monochrome and contrasting looks.
Do you want your colors to flow together? Grey seats and light grey carpet give a soothing coordinated look, as do coordinating beiges and tans. Or do you want a teal 🐟 carpet to stand out? This choice is an energizing combination. Blue or red carpet with neutral seats is another classic choice. Knowing what styles and colors make 😉 you happy helps you pick the best colors for your boat.

Picking out colors can be an enjoyable part of your boat carpet project. At Boatcarpet.com, we have the experience to help you love your boat!