Boat Carpet Adhesive

Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive is the first choice for long lasting boat carpet glue.  It has an advanced engineered boat carpet adhesive formula for an excellent bond to fiberglass and aluminum as well as marine plywood and concrete. This is top quality water based boat carpet glue and gives you outstanding workability and a long lasting bond on most any horizontal marine carpet surface. 

Boat Carpet Adhesive is our entry level boat carpet glue for use on marine plywood or home concrete DIY projects.  Water based, American made boat carpet glue for quality and easy installation. Not suitable for aluminum and fiberglass projects.  Please use our Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive for those surfaces.

Our Spray Contact Adhesive is outstanding American made quality.  Your best spray boat carpet adhesive for wrapping bass boat lids and gluing vertical surfaces.  Our customers love this spray on boat carpet glue for other projects, too.  Adding a can of our spray contact adhesive to your project makes the tough parts of boat carpet installation a snap.

Glue And Adhesive Coverage Details