Boat Carpet Adhesives

Our boat carpet adhesives set the standard for American made innovation and quality. has a selection of boat carpet glue to cover any part of your boat carpet installation.

Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive is the first choice for long lasting boat carpet glue.  It has an advanced engineered boat carpet adhesive formula for an excellent bond to fiberglass and aluminum as well as marine plywood and concrete. This is top quality water based boat carpet glue and gives you outstanding workability and a long lasting bond on most any horizontal marine carpet surface. 

Boat Carpet Adhesive is our entry level boat carpet glue for use on marine plywood or home concrete DIY projects.  Water based, American made boat carpet glue for quality and easy installation. Not suitable for aluminum and fiberglass projects.  Please use our Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive for those surfaces.

Our Spray Contact Adhesive is outstanding American made quality.  Your best spray boat carpet adhesive for wrapping bass boat lids and gluing vertical surfaces.  Our customers love this spray on boat carpet glue for other projects, too.  Adding a can of our spray contact adhesive to your project makes the tough parts of boat carpet installation a snap.

Boat Carpet Adhesive

Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive

Boat Carpet Adhesive


Our boat carpet adhesive for marine grade plywood.

Our quality entry level boat carpet adhesive. This American made, indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive is an economical choice for marine grade plywood installations like pontoon boat carpet. Also suitable for concrete patios and porches.

For aluminum and fiberglass surfaces, you will need our Professional Boat Carpet adhesive.   If you need to carpet vertical surfaces or wrap carpet around a lid, you will also need our Spray Contact Adhesive.

Spray Contact Adhesive

Boat carpet adhesive for bass boat lids and vertical surfaces.

Wrap bass boat lids easily and glue vertical boat carpet quickly with our specialty spray boat carpet adhesive.  Bonds instantly to many surfaces.  This boat carpet glue makes a fast, secure finish on lids and sidewalls. Our customers love this glue and some order it repeatedly for other household or professional projects. Order extra – you will find many uses in DIY projects around your house!

Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive.


Excellent boat carpet adhesive for aluminum, fiberglass and more

Our Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive is designed for a long lasting bond on many boat surfaces like aluminum as well as marine plywood and concrete. If you are looking for a high quality, durable, workable, water based boat carpet adhesive for these surfaces, this is your glue.  Preferred boat carpet glue of professional installers.

If you also need to carpet vertical surfaces or wrap carpet on bass boat lids, you will need to add our Spray Adhesive in your boat carpet glue order.

Boat Carpet Adhesive Coverage Area

You will need one gallon of marine carpet adhesive for each 8′ x 10′ flat surface area.

One Gallon- Covers an 8‘x10’ Area

Two Gallons- Covers an 8‘x20’ Area (use on 8‘x16’ or 8‘x20’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Three Gallons- Covers an 8‘x30′ Area (use on 8‘x25’ or 8‘x30’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Four Gallons- Covers an 8‘x 40’ Area(use on 8‘x35’ or 8‘x40’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Five Gallons- Covers an 8‘x50’ Area (use on 8‘x45’ or 8‘x50’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Six Gallons- Covers an 8‘x60′ Area (use on 8‘x55’ or 8‘x60’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Seven Gallons- Covers an 8‘x70’ Area (use on 8‘x65’ or 8‘x70’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Eight Gallons- Covers an 8‘x80’ Area (use on 8‘x75’ or 8‘x80’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Nine Gallons- Covers an 8‘x90′ Area (use on 8‘x85’ or 8‘x90’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Ten Gallons- Covers an 8‘x100′ Area (use on 8‘x95’ or 8‘x100’ rolls of marine grade carpet)

Looking for Vinyl Flooring Glue? Select one of the below.

Marideck Marine Solvent Based Adhesive

Marideck marine vinyl floor adhesive is made specifically for Marideck flooring. Use on aluminum and fiberglass surfaces for the best bond and warranty protection.

MariDeck Marine Water Based Adhesive

Marideck marine vinyl floor glue is made specifically for marideck marine vinyl floors. Marideck original boat floor glue is recommended for the best bond and for warranty protection.