Marideck Marine Solvent Based Adhesive

For Aluminum and Fiberglass – 1 Gallon covers 50-60 sq ft

Marideck original marine vinyl floor adhesive is made specifically for Marideck flooring. Use this glue for aluminum and fiberglass flooring surfaces for the best bond and warranty protection. Always choose Marideck floor glue as some aftermarket glues are not compatible and can damage the flooring.  Solvent based adhesives are flammable and require attention to detail during installation.  Use caution and follow all manufacturer’s instructions carefully. One gallon of solvent based glue covers 50-60 square feet.

Click here for detailed Marideck installation instructions.

MariDeck Marine Water Based Glue

For Marine Plywood Floors – 1 Gallon covers 120 square feet

Marideck marine vinyl floor glue is made specifically for marideck marine vinyl floors.  Marideck original boat floor glue is recommended for the best bond and for warranty protection. Suitable for installation on marine plywood flooring. Always choose Marideck glues for their flooring as some aftermarket glues may damage the flooring.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully for best results. One gallon covers about 120 square feet.

Click here for detailed Marideck installation instructions


Please note that the above products are meant for Vinyl Flooring Only and not our standard boat carpet products.

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