Pontoon Boat Carpet

Have you ever noticed that pontoon boats last forever but original pontoon boat carpet does not?  It seems like 20 years is nothing in pontoon time, and why not?  Those aluminum frames and tubes seem to last forever.  Since pontoon boats have so much boat carpet area that is exposed to sun and water, often the original pontoon boat carpet shows wear first.  New marine grade pontoon carpet gives you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to refreshing your family’s home on the water.

Pontoon Boat Carpet

Long Lasting Replacement Pontoon Boat Carpet

There’s a pretty good chance that your old pontoon boat carpet is faded and getting thin.  Maybe the backing is breaking down too.  Replacement pontoon carpet looks great and the new synthetic materials have a long life too.  Modern pontoon carpet from BoatCarpet.com is made from quality long lasting materials in America.  There is a sturdy rubber backing and our replacement pontoon boat carpets resist mold, mildew, fading and stains.  So your new pontoon carpet will look great for years.

Choosing Pontoon Boat Carpet

You will first determine the width that you need.  Our pontoon boat carpet comes in 6 ft wide, 8 ft wide or 8.5 ft wide marine carpet. Our Standard 16 ounce Boat Carpet is great for older pontoon boat carpet or resale pontoon carpet as it gives you a great value in pricing.  Our Deluxe 20 ounce Boat Carpet is a good fit for fun days on the water with a soft supportive feeling pontoon boat carpet.  The colors are vibrant and there are no loops to catch a hook in either of these cut pile pontoon boat carpets.  We often recommend our Deluxe 20 Ounce Boat Carpet to fishermen that also like to take their families on the boat and want quality, soft boat pontoon boat carpet for sunset cruises, too.

Our 8.5 ft wide Premium Textured Boat Carpet is a great fit for today’s large, luxury pontoon boat.  This pontoon boat carpet is even more plush underfoot, and has a nice subtle pattern of loops and cut pile.  It is an updated Berber look pontoon boat carpet, but it is not suited for regular fishermen due to the loops. The contemporary style boat carpet gives a classic flair to older pontoon boats and is a great match when you need to replace pontoon boat carpet on an upscale boat.

Once you determine the width and style of pontoon boat carpet that you need, it is time to choose the pontoon boat carpet color.  We have a wide selection of neutral color boat carpet, and some accent color marine carpet too.  Whatever your pontoon boat carpet project, we can help you select a color to complement your interior.

Enjoying New Pontoon Carpet

New pontoon carpet brightens your day on the water.  When new pontoon boat carpet is so economical and long lasting, it makes sense to replace dingy, old carpet.  You can enjoy taking the neighbors out for a cruise and be proud of your new pontoon boat carpet.  New boat carpet resists stains from mold, mildew, gas and oil, and is easy to spot clean after the grandkids ice cream day trip.  All you need to clean pontoon carpet is just dish soap, a soft brush and a bucket or hose of clean water.  New pontoon carpet gives beautiful benefits that last for years.

Give us a call at 888-283-0704 or email us at boatcarpet.com.service@gmail.com.  We enjoy working with our customers and are glad to help you make your boat beautiful!