Marideck Marine Solvent Based Adhesive (1 Gallon)


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Marideck Adhesive (Marine Solvent Based)

for Aluminum and Fiberglass

Marideck Adhesive Solvent – 1 Gallon recommended

The Marideck MD-102 adhesive marine solvent is made specifically for Marideck flooring.  One gallon of the Marideck solvent based glue covers 50-60 square feet.  In addition, the MD-102 Solvent-based adhesive is for metal, wood,  aluminum, and fiberglass surfaces for the best bond and warranty protection.

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Marideck adhesive Instructions

Prep the area to make sure it is clean of all debris. It is best to apply to a smooth surface. Apply the adhesive evenly with a paint roller.  In addition, allow the adhesive to dry approximately 5-10 minutes until it feels a bit tacky with your finger.  Roll flooring over the glue and apply even pressure.   For instance, a heavy pipe or a simple push broom can be used with the Marideck adhesive to evenly press the flooring down on to the glue.

Solvent based adhesives are flammable.  Similarly, use caution and follow all manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  Apply adhesive to the membrane and substrate surfaces that are clean, dry and free of debris.  However, apply the adhesive evenly and avoid puddling.  In addition, the Marideck adhesive should be applied with a paint roller for best results.  Subsequently, allow the adhesive to dry to a finger tack for approximately 5-10 minutes before mating.  Finally, apply pressure to the membrane by means of a heavy roller or push broom to ensure an intimate contact between the membrane and the substrate.

In most cases, applications over aluminum or fiberglass require pre-cutting the vinyl into the appropriate shapes and sizes required for the specific area of the boat. Carefully measure the shapes and sizes allowing for appropriate coverage.   Finally, For larger surfaces utilize the same installation method for the Marideck adhesive described above using the appropriate adhesive and procedures outlined below.


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