Vinyl Marine Flooring(8.5 ft wide, 80 Mil Thick)

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Willow Brown Vinyl Marine Flooring
Sand Marine Flooring
Granite Vinyl Marine Flooring
Sand Vinyl Marine Flooring
Granite Premier Vinyl Marine Flooring
Stone Gray Vinyl Marine Flooring


Marideck Vinyl Marine Flooring – The Industry Standard for Quality, Beauty and Durability.

Marideck 80ml Marine Vinyl Flooring is a great choice for all boat floor surfaces.  It is recommended for older plywood floors.

80 mil Marideck Marine flooring is the durable and best choice for pontoon boats and older boats with wooden floors or older marine plywood floors with uneven surfaces.   Older floors often have nicks, dents and valleys from age or sanding. Due to the thicker weight, 80 mil covers blemishes better than other marine vinyl products for a beautiful finished project that you will enjoy for years.

marideck vinyl flooring

Marideck Vinyl Flooring is the industry leader in marine vinyl floors.  The 80 ml flooring is a heavy duty, attractive, durable, time-tested boat vinyl floor alternative to marine carpet. It looks great and will stay great looking while protecting your investment against the wear of difficult environmental conditions. Clean up is easy – just spray with a hose and the mess from fishing, hunting, or a boatload of kids is gone in a snap. 

Great for saltwater or freshwater boating and just about any type of boat.

The vinyl marine flooring is embossed with a non-slip texture and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. It is UV stabilized to resist fading and made of high-tech exterior grade polymers for long life. Fishing boats, pontoon boats, aluminum boats, bass boats – there  Marideck 80 ml vinyl floor will fit any style of marine surface or boat with a long lasting, attractive finish.

Marideck Vinyl Flooring ships directly from the factory.

Marideck Vinyl Flooring Warranty
Click here to go to the Marideck Warranty Page (PDF).

Marideck Installation
Click here to go to the Marideck Installation Page for detailed installation instructions (PDF).

Product Details

• Heavy Duty 80 ml weight
• Designed for sport and leisure watercraft
• Exterior grade vinyl deck covering
• High-tech polymer formulation
• Stabilized against UV fading
• Ships directly from Manufacturer
• Non-slip embossed surface
• Attractive finishes and colors
• Easy clean, low maintenance
• Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty

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Willow Brown, Sand, Granite, Premier Sand, Premier Granite, Stone Gray


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