MariDeck Ultra FB (Fleece Back) Woven Marine Vinyl Flooring

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MariDeck Ultra FB Woven Flooring

Beautiful MariDeck quality at an affordable price.  Marideck Ultra FB woven flooring uses MariDeck’s time proven fleece backing. This fleece backing saves you money on the backing while giving you the popular, new woven vinyl appearance. This fleece backing has been a MariDeck staple for almost 20 years and thousands of boats and is time tested for durability.  Moreover, it allows a beautiful seagrass look. It has a quality, long lasting fleece backing at an attractive price. Finally, using product means that a unique, upscale look is now in budget reach at a lower price point.

MariDeck’s proprietary barrier extends the life of your sub floor

It is recommended to wash your Ultra FB woven flooring at the end of each season before stowing your boat. When caring for the flooring use a mild dish detergent (e.g. Dawn) in warm water with a soft bristle deck brush. After scrubbing thoroughly rinse the floor. For mildew, ground n dirt, or minor stains any citrus based cleaner can safely be used. Simple Green is also safe to use on MariDeck flooring. Spray the offended are with the cleaner and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then, using a paper towel, wipe the floor clean. For tougher stains you can try Tilex or CLR, but do not allow them to sit on the flooring for an extended period of time and thoroughly rinse the area afterwards. Regardless of which product you choose it is important to test them on a concealed area first to minimize potential damage.

All MariDeck’s Ultra FB Woven Flooring has their unique PVC barrier layer sandwiched between the backing and the vinyl surface. This gives your sub floor unparalleled protection from rot and moisture. You gain MariDeck’s industry expertise in a brand new, fashionable marine vinyl floor.  Finally, if you’re updating your seating upholstery, visit our vinyl store at

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Jute Gray, Jute Tan, Teak Gray, Teak Tan, Pillar Gray, Pillar Tan, Dune Twill, Colonial

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