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Marideck Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

Marideck MD-101 – 1 Gallon – Water Based Glue for Marine Plywood Floors

The Marideck Vinyl Flooring Adhesive is made specifically for marine vinyl floors.  Marideck original boat floor glue is recommended for the best bond and for warranty protection.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  One gallon covers about 120 square feet.

MD-101 Adhesive is a water-based adhesive that performs best when used on wood surfaces. The recommended coverage for the MD-101 adhesive is approximately 125 square feet per gallon. See recommended instructions below.  Finally, if you are applying the membrane to a metal or fiberglass deck then you will need Marideck MD-102, a solvent-based adhesive.

Marideck Vinyl Flooring Adhesive – Installation Instructions

Apply the Marideck Vinyl Flooring Adhesive to the substrate surfaces that are clean, dry and free of debris.  However, apply the adhesive evenly and avoid puddling.  In addition, apply with a paint roller for best results.  Roll the membrane onto the adhesive immediately.  Therefore, no waiting time is necessary.  If adhesive turns clear, reapply more adhesive.  Finally, Apply pressure to the membrane by means of a heavy roller or push broom to ensure an intimate contact between the membrane and the substrate.

Wood surface applications of Marideck Vinyl Flooring Adhesive require the use of MD–101 adhesive. Prior to opening, shake the glue container slightly for 60 seconds. In addition, the glue should have the appearance and consistency of Elmers glue/thick white paint. Coverage rates for the MD-101 are approximately 125/SF per gallon. However, depending on the ambient temperature, the adhesive will begin to dry relatively fast after application. If you are working alone, do not try to install more than 15 linear feet at a time.  Finally, apply the vinyl when the adhesive is wet.

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