Boat Carpet Adhesive – 1 Gallon Pail


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Our Standard Marine Carpet Adhesive

Our quality marine carpet adhesive is great for standard boat carpet installations. This indoor/outdoor carpet glue is an economical choice for marine grade plywood installations or concrete or asphalt DIY carpet projects.  This boat carpet glue adheres to pontoon boat carpet, dock carpet, deck carpet and raft carpet for a secure bond at a great price.  This boat carpet glue provides a tenacious, water resistant bond to marine plywood, concrete, asphalt paving.  Our Boat Carpet Glue has a fast, aggressive tack and forms a long bond on these surfaces.  Finally, a one gallon pail covers 8×10 square foot of boat flooring.

Our economical boat carpet glue for pontoons and marine plywood

This Boat Carpet Glue is made in USA with Clean-Guard anti-microbial technology.  Additionally, our adhesive resists oil and gas spills as well as mildew. This boat carpet glue is easy to spread and trowels on. In fact, one gallon of boat carpet glue covers an 8′ x 10′ floor area.   For instance, boat carpet glue needs to stay warm to work properly.  In addition, make sure it does not freeze and bring it to room temperature before starting your project.   You will need a few days of warm, dry weather for it to cure before taking your boat out on the water.

Additional Considerations

While our marine carpet adhesive is a great product, for aluminum and fiberglass surfaces you’ll need our Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive.  For bass boat lids and vertical surfaces or to wrap lids add our Spray Contact Adhesive.   Finally, If you’re updating your seating upholstery, visit our vinyl store at

Additional information


• Specifically designed for the challenging marine environment
• Solvent free, latex based
• Protected with Clean-Guard broad spectrum anti-microbial, anti-mildew technology
• Minimal odor, non-toxic, non-flammable
• Latex based carpet glue adheres properly to our latex backed marine grade carpets
• Easy to spread and fast to install
• Resistant to gas and oil spills


Read the label instructions prior to use
• Low temperature or high humidity can greatly affect project dry time and results
• Metal and fiberglass surfaces should be abraded to aid bonding
• Remove surface sealers like paint, oil or varnish before applying
• Treatment with waterproofing is NOT recommended
• Marine grade plywood is best when new decking is necessary
Do not use with pressure-treated wood
Always test glue on an inconspicuous area first if you are uncertain


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