Bunk Boards


Replace your worn-out bunk boards in a few easy steps.

Boards are sold in pairs.  Priced as 1 unit.

Select color, length, and quantity.

Product Details

American made boat trailer bunk boards

Replace your trailer bunk boards and make your trailer look new again.  

Bunk Boards are sold in pairs and priced as a single unit. 

So a pair of 4 foot boards is $67.50.  If you need 4 boards, you would order a quantity of 2.

Pressure treated and pre-carpeted boat trailer boards in 2×4 size for easy installation and maximum protection for your hull.

Our trailer bunk boards are high quality pressure treated prime pine lumber.  The bunk boards are carpeted with sturdy boat trailer carpet manufactured specifically for durability for boat trailers and to protect your boat’s finish.

The carpet is mold, mildew and stain resistant and can stand up to the demands of marine trailering.

Our new boat trailer boards are easy to install with your existing hardware. 

Save time replacing your boat trailer boards, and protect your boating investment with our American made, pre-carpeted trailer runner boards.

Replace your worn out or rotted bunk boards.  Our 2” x 4” boat trailer bunk boards are covered with durable bunk carpet that will protect your boat’s hull.


  1. Carpeted wooden bunk boards.
  2. Durable bunk carpet with a soft touch finish and is weather resistant.
  3. Bunk Carpet that keeps your hull safe from scaring.
  4. Mold and Mildew resistant.
  5. Our Bunk boards easy to install with your existing hardware.
  6. Made in the USA.