Spray Contact Adhesive


in the Continental U.S.

on orders over $50

For vertical surfaces and bass boat lockers use spray contact adhesive.
All orders process next business day and typically arrive in 5-10 business days.

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Boat Carpet Spray Contact Adhesive

Finish lids and lockers quickly and easily

Our specialty Spray Contact Adhesive creates a fast, permanent bond on vertical surfaces and bass boat carpet lockers and lids. Additionally, spray boat carpet glue eliminates the need for clamps on bass boat carpet lids and lets you glue boat carpet up the sides of your runabout.  Spray contact cement helps you glue carpet in hard to reach places like pontoon console carpet.

Our spray contact glue is a great addition to your boat carpet project.  Similarly, many of our customers use our Professional Boat Carpet Glue on the floors and tops of their lids, and then add the spray glue to their order for wrapping lids and doing hard to reach areas.  In addition, spray on glue is great to have handy for minor boat carpet repairs and home improvement projects too.  Finally, this boat carpet glue is a big hit with our customers and many of them return to buy cans for other projects too.

Superior quality Spray Contact Adhesive

Our spray carpet adhesive is proudly made in the USA from superior materials.  It adheres fast and creates a long lasting bond with boat carpet to most surfaces.  However, always use caution with all spray adhesives. Make sure to use in a well ventilated area and away from flames or high heat.  After that, be sure to use caution and protect your eyes and lungs from potential irritation.   Finally, please read the product label for further safety instructions and warnings. 

Spray contact adhesive is not suitable for entire floors, just for portions of your project.  For excellent bonds on all surfaces, shop our Professional Boat Carpet Adhesive.

Finally, if you’re updating your seating upholstery, visit our vinyl store at www.BoatVinyl.com.

Additional information


See can for details – contact adhesives must be handled carefully, Read and follow product instructions on can, Flammable, Use only in well-ventilated area, Solvent-based rubber resin
Fast tack, Translucent color, Waterproof


All contact adhesives require careful handling for safety. READ AND FOLLOW ALL PRODUCT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CAN. Keep away from skin, eyes, lungs, heat and flames. Contact physician immediately in case of medical emergency.


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