Here’s what our customers are saying:

Thank you Kevin and Tricia for the help on selecting the right carpet and color. It matches my old color as close as it could. The 20zo is perfect on the floor. 

100% satisfied with at all.

Happy Fishing 

Bob S

Thank you Tricia for your personal help with my carpet project. You took the time to advise me and instruct me on the phone and in emails. I purchased the carpet and glue from you and I couldn’t be happier. You were the only place that had the cocoa color carpet that matched perfectly with my 1984 Larson. I had never carpeted a boat before but with your help and patience it installed without a hitch. The family is impressed with the quality and plushness of your product. Attached are a few photos. Thanks again.

I wish I called you guys first! Very knowledgeable and good information
Stephen, Texas

I LOVE the glue!  It worked very well with the boat carpet.  I need to order another can of it. 🙂

Kathryn, Michigan
Omg!! Super quick delivery! Great quality and helpful hints on your page! First time ever fixing a pontoon, it turned out perfect!! Thank you so much! I will for sure recommend you
Traci, Michigan
Appreciated your help, you guys are great to work with!
Richard, SC
Yes, installing it on my porch today. Color is perfect, thanks for the help and quick delivery.
Henry B.
Thank you again for your help! I will be replacing the carpet on my boat in the next 6 months, and have bookmarked your website as my go to place for supplies!
You claimed you had a good quality product and you delivered! I’m pleased with the quality, the quick delivery, and the generous length you sent. Thanks so much.

Thank you for your great service.  Happy boating!

Pete M., CA

Thanks. The boat carpet arrived and looks great.

Bj Conklin, USA

Please don’t forget to thank  Tricia, she really helped a lot.   Great customer service  thanks again!

Glenn, Mechanicsville, VA