Unraveling a Great Mystery: Folding vs. Rolling

Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know! Plus, How to Unpack Your Boat Carpet.

Here at Boat Carpet, 🛳️ not only do we have a treasure trove (aka warehouse) stocked with the crème de la crème of boat carpeting, but we’ve also been sailing this sea of commerce for over seven decades.

Yes, you read that right. Seventy years of packing, shipping, and ensuring your boat carpet arrives in mint condition. And in 70 years we’ve learned a good deal about packing your boat carpet.

We’re about to unravel (pun intended) 🕵🏼 the great mystery of the century – to fold or to roll your esteemed carpeting.

Here’s the thing: We’ve seen carpets folded, rolled, and even z-folded (don’t ask). But when it comes to shipping these soft treasures across the seven seas, we’ve mastered the art of folding and rolling. Why? Because it turns your carpet into a snug little burrito 🌯 that laughs in the face of shipping mishaps.

Have you ever seen a rolled carpet whimper because its ends got crunched in transit? 🫤 It’s a sad sight.

How do you avoid wrinkles and fold lines? It’s easy – by opening up your marine carpet when you receive it! Re-roll it gently and loosely in a long roll, and store it lying down on its side until you are ready to start. This is most important if you are not starting your boat carpet project right away.

If you don’t open your package immediately, minor wrinkles or folds will glue down without effort. For a deeper wrinkle, which very rarely happens, you can lay your marine carpet in the sun 🌞 for an afternoon, backing side up, to soften it. A hand-held hair dryer is also effective in easing out any areas of concern.

Remember, a shipshape carpet leads to a shipshape project. Got questions? 🍾 You could send a message in a bottle or, you know, email works too.